Stress happens. Managing stress is hard. 

Give Creative Wellness 30 minutes a week, and we'll do it for you.

Complimentary First Session
30 minutes

Experience stress relief and wellness brought straight to you.  No need to find time to fit it into your busy schedule or search for the right way to relax. We make it so you simply walk from your desk to your conference room and enjoy 30 full minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Introductory Package
30 minutes, once a week for 3 months

Make an investment in invigorated and focused workers with The Creative Wellness Method. Building on the foundations from your Complimentary Session, our 3 month introductory package will effortlessly guide you through the basics of our stress relief method. Created by combining over ten thousand hours of training in yoga, meditation, breath-work, mental focus, and physical fitness, the Creative Wellness Method offers a wide range of exercises and approaches to a wellness lifestyle that will extend far beyond the 30 minutes we spend with you each week.  

Custom Package
Planned and priced for your workplace

After the Introductory Package is complete, we decide together what is best for your office environment. This could be anything from everyday sessions to every other month depending on the programming that is exciting to your company. At Creative Wellness, we have the tools to customize a wellness package to fit your company's specific needs.

Super relaxing. It released some tension and cleared my head at a particularly busy (and occasionally frustrating) time in the office. It strikes me as a fantastic resource to boost morale and wellness in the office.
— Participant, Erasing the Distance
....It was such a different experience to be able to remain in my work environment and have a sense of tranquility that I would usually have while doing yoga in my bedroom....what was more amazing was how I felt for the remainder of my entire day I felt a sense of ease as I continued my work without feeling rushed or even tired. Desk yoga should be mandatory for all companies.
— Erick, Digital Ninja
It was easy to do and very relaxing. I would definitely recommend it.
— Participant, Erasing the Distance

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Sessions, dates, and times are based on availability; Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm.

Erika and Shannon were great! They came to our work place, quickly explained what we were going to do, and launched right into a guided “desk meditation”. The exercise was short but surprisingly rejuvenating – really exceeded my expectations. Everyone should do this!
— Amiel, Cypress Mortgage